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My last post was of snow and now August is almost over? Yikes!

After commuting thousands of miles between DC and New Hampshire since my father’s passing, I’ve spent the summer in New Hampshire. The marathon driving sessions wear on me, so I’ve been avoiding them.

The driving was because I haven’t found a good way to have my mother live alone for more than a few weeks at a time. I haven’t worked out a strategy for getting her help while preserving as much of her independence as possible. So I’ve been the help.

Maybe that’s a good thing, even if it often feels like I’m treading water. During my father’s final months, everything had to be about him. Now I’m able to take the time to work out my mother’s specific needs, even as she works out the business of living as a widow after more than sixty-five years of marriage.

Besides, a health issue has come up that we have to deal with.

As far as this website goes, I’ve switched my blog emails from Jetpack to MailPoet. This will allow me to ensure linked text in them is legible. If you have already subscribed to my blog, you will receive these new emails automatically for each post, but there are also options to receive notifications on a weekly or monthly basis instead. See the “manage your subscription” link at the bottom of these emails, right next to the “unsubscribe” one. (If you want to begin subscribing via email, please use the form in this site’s footer.)

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