I am an independent historian who earns his living by editing, translating (German to English), and sometimes teaching. Most of the editing and translating has been for other historians.

This website is my internet signboard, so to speak. I am available for editorial work of all kinds: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. I also translate written German into English. Please see my services page for more details.

This site also serves as a kind of virtual office. See the project page, which brings together related pieces of my work in editing, history, and teaching, including links to relevant blog posts.

Finally, I have begun using the blog for commonplacing, scrapbooking, and other kinds of microblogging, as I once did years ago on a now defunct tumblelog. As easy, powerful, and fun as social media venues like Twitter can be for sharing, they are not particularly useful for storing and organizing such finds. I will still use them, but I plan to put more effort into my own little piece of the internet.