Privacy Policy


This–hosted blog uses cookies to help me determine how the blog is being used. I do not receive any personal information. I can only see what pages are visited and sometimes what is clicked to get here. Very occasionally I see search terms used to get here, but most of the time even that information is unavailable. When it is, I still have no way of connecting that link to a specific person or machine. itself, run by Automattic, is able to collect data too and has its own privacy policy. Most of what they talk about there relates to those who choose to set up their own WordPress account, comment on WordPress blogs, and so on. I have comments turned off, and you can tell your browser to not allow cookies, if you so wish.

Please also note that if you use any material here embedded from another site (such as YouTube videos or a tweet) that material will act as if you were visiting these sites, and so their own privacy policies apply.


If you subscribe via email, I will see your email address, but I will never share it or use it for any other purpose apart from the subscription.

If you follow me through the WordPress reader, I can see your WordPress username, your Gravatar, and your website (if you have one).