Mark Stoneman did superb editorial work on several articles that were published in the German Historical Institute’s Bulletin. Mark brings a rare combination of skills to his work: he’s not only an excellent editor of English-language texts but also a professional historian, with a Ph.D. in history, which allows him to go well beyond copy-editing when working on academic texts in history and the humanities. (more…)

Mark Stoneman is a first-class editor, as I had the chance to observe closely when he edited a set of thirty-six blog posts written by a very international set of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty for a conference. By the time he finished editing the essays, each one was an exemplar of accessible scholarship. We were working under a tight deadline, and I appreciated Mark’s calm, wry demeanor as well as his timeliness. I recommend him without hesitation.

During my tenure as the GHI’S director, Mark was on the founding team of the “World of Consumption” series. Mark is not only a proficient translator and a thorough editor but also an efficient organizer who dealt with authors and publishers in a highly professional manner. Mark has a large share in the success of the series. Working with him was always a constructive and pleasant experience.

Mark’s language skills and enthusiasm for text are just superb. What I liked best was that he challenged me content-wise when editing my writing. Mark is an excellent teacher, too. He explained all his edits very well.

Mark edited an academic journal article for me on German family firm governance. He was an incredible collaborator, not just doing the copy-editing you would get from a regular editor but truly engaging with the content of my work. He made many invaluable suggestions for improving the flow of the argument and I am extremely grateful for the time he took to help this project to success.

Mark has edited a variety of texts for me over the past ten years—from blog posts for a general audience to scholarly articles and edited volumes. He is a great editor with a great sense not only for language, but also for different audiences and their needs. Mark does not hesitate to provide critical feedback and my texts have greatly benefited from this. His questions and his attention to precise wording, formatting detail, and consistency always added clarity to my prose and helped me sharpen my arguments.

Mark is an outstanding editor. He worked with me on a journal article manuscript that became tremendously better thanks to him, both in terms of style and content. His training as a scholar makes him raise challenging questions about structure and lines of argument that go beyond mere copy-editing.

Mark has served as editor for two special issues of peer-reviewed journals that I edited with a colleague. He not only translated German texts excellently and edited English texts by non-native authors highly professionally, but has also shown an excellent sense for the respective profiles of the journals (historical / interdisciplinary) and thus gave us all important suggestions on structure and argumentation. Many thanks for that!

Mark’s knowledge of German history gives him a real advantage as a translator of both primary- and secondary-source German texts. He has an excellent understanding of terminology, which is essential in producing accurate translations—whether of historical documents or modern-day scholarly texts. Additionally, Mark devotes careful attention to syntax, style, and rhythm, so that his translations are more than just correct, they are also a pleasure to read. Sometimes a slight change in punctuation or word order makes all the difference.

Mark Stoneman is a seasoned historian of modern Germany with a ‘go-to’ reputation for polished and reliable editorial work.