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Independent Historian / Freelance Editor and Translator

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Richard Wetzell, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute

Mark Stoneman did superb editorial work on several articles that were published in the German Historical Institute’s Bulletin. Mark brings a rare combination of skills to his work: he’s not only an excellent editor of English-language texts but also a professional historian, with a Ph.D. in history, which allows him to go well beyond copy-editing when working on academic texts in history and the humanities. He is also fluent in German, which makes him especially well-suited for editing the English-language texts produced by native German speakers. Regardless of the subject matter of a text, Mark is able to address not only matters of grammar and style, but to detect and solve problems with the flow of an author’s argument. Mark stands out for his ability and willingness to critically engage with texts and give them the kind of careful editorial attention that most texts never receive from an editor.