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Here are some worthwhile articles related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. No paywalls – all links lead to freely available texts.

Under Cover of War: The Kremlin’s Fascist Project” by Nancy Ries, Today’s Totalitarianism, August 2022.

The war is a profound turning point, ending any pretense of “soft” authoritarianism with its modicum of space for resistance. The Kremlin’s fascist project may not succeed in the end, but it is crucial to see its effects within Russia as a fundamental component of the 2022 attack on Ukraine…. The Kremlin structures its war-making machine in ways that deliberately produce atrocity…. a “pedagogy” of exterminist consciousness and practice, a key tool of the fascist project unfolding within and beyond Russia.

“In Ukraine, I saw the greatest threat to the Russian world isn’t the west – it’s Putin” by Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian, December 17, 2022.

The Kremlin’s imperial war has made its own culture and language a common enemy for people across its former empire.

“The Skill Involved in Zelensky’s Congressional Address” by James Fallows, Breaking the News, December 23, 2022.

The words of the speech were ‘left brain,’ with careful writerly eloquence. The in-person performance was ‘right brain,’ with emotional power beyond the words. The combination was remarkable.

“Special Issue: Weaponizing History in the Russo-Ukrainian War,” edited by Beatrice de Graaf and Lien Verpoest, Journal of Applied History, December 2022.

Drawing in black, white, and red. Child in center with broken pieces of their former life around them, Russian rockets sticking tail-first out of the ground, each marked with a big "Z" and a "rashist" message. Captions: "Stolen Childhood" and "Stop Rashism"
Art by @neivanmade on Instagram. The term “rashism” is what Ukrainians call Russian fascism.