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Detail from WPA poster by V. Donaghue, 1940 (“For greater knowledge on more subjects use your library often!”) Library of Congress,

History of Knowledge

Cofounded with Kerstin von der Krone for the German Historical Institute (GHI), Washington, DC, in late 2016, History of Knowledge was the first blog in the institute’s scholarly publishing program.

Besides setting up and maintaining the site, my work on the project ranged from commissioning and reviewing pieces with my co-editors to developmental editing, line-editing, copyediting, and image rights review. I also wrote copy and tweeted for the blog. As of April 2021, we had published over 230,000 words by more than 100 authors.

Immigrant boat, ca. 1915–20, from a Bain News Service glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress,

Migrant Knowledge

Cofounded in 2019 with Swen Steinberg and Andrea Westermann for the GHI Pacific Regional Office at UC Berkeley, Migrant Knowledge supports research done by scholars at the institute and in its research network.

My role on this site focused mainly on the blog posts themselves, meaning developmental editing, line-editing, copyediting, and image rights. I also organized and (co)wrote copy for the various institutional and project pages in a way that would keep the blog and the network front and center.

Histories of Knowledge and Scholarly Communication

To learn how we understood our subject matter in History of Knowledge and the role of our blogging in scholarship, see the following open-access article, which I wrote with Kerstin von der Krone.

“Blogging Histories of Knowledge in Washington, DC,” in “Digital History,” ed. Simone Lässig, special issue, Geschichte und Gesellschaft 47, no. 1 (2021): 163–74. Open Access

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