In the past, I rarely watched YouTube, but the bird site’s corruption has seen me on YouTube much more often, as I search for content about Ukraine. Recently I found a good Ukrainian-made series about how Ukrainians in various kinds of media have adapted to Russia’s full-scale invasion. There are 10 episodes, not counting a 3-minute trailer. All but the last are about 15 minutes long, and the final one is 25 minutes. (I’ve seen half of them so far.) The series is largely in Ukrainian with English subtitles, and partly in English with Ukrainian subtitles, depending on who is speaking. The titles on YouTube are in Ukrainian, but there’s a playlist that has them all in the correct order. Besides, you don’t need to know the Cyrillic alphabet to read the episode numbers (єпізод 1, 2, 3 …) of “Media at War” (Медіа на війні) and to watch Ukrainians speak for themselves.