It’s so hard to look away from Musk’s wrecking ball when I go to Twitter for voices on Ukraine. Also hard not to comment on other people’s posts. Now the would-be dictator of the bird site is banning and unbanning journalists, depending on his mood and random Twitter polls. He’s also banning links to all kinds of outside networks, even Linktree. He might change his mind about some sites by playing the gracious leader who puts things to a plebiscite, but who needs that? More and more diehards are leaving. I’d like to see regulators take an aggressive look at what he’s doing. But I’d also like to see media outlets, government offices, and other big institutions set up their own Mastodon servers to render the Big Twit’s actions moot.

Evening update: Poof! Just like that, the latest stupid policies have vanished from the bird site’s support pages, while Musk is conducting a poll about whether he should hire a different CEO in place of himself. Of course, none or all of these things could be true by morning.