Final Exam Guide

As I have stated before, both in class and an email, the study guide I’m providing here barely scratches the surface. With that fact and time constraints in mind, I have concluded that your time is better spent learning German history than memorizing things. Thus, the exam will be open-book, open-note, and open-GHDI (as well as open-any-other-webpage we’ve used), but no search engines or email or chat apps.

To prepare, reread or review the relevant GHDI introductions, that is,

Do the same with your textbook of choice. Finally, review the many documents. You are certainly not expected to read all the documents, but reviewing their introductions (except where those are missing) can be helpful. So can reviewing the images.

I will structure the exam so that you can spend most or all of your time with the exam itself, without having to look things up. But you can have your paper and electronic resources with you, just in case.

The format will contain mainly source excerpts for analysis, excerpts whose origins I will clearly identify.

The exam itself will take place as scheduled by the registrar, but with one exception: It is on Wed., Dec. 12 and runs from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (not 10:15). The cut-off time at 10:00 p.m. is firm because I would otherwise miss the last train back to DC.

Also, if the classroom is open before 7:30 p.m., I will let people already there begin early. If you see people already working when you come in, please grab an exam from me and take your seat quietly. If you have any questions, come up and ask them.


  • Weimar Republic, 1918/19–1933
  • Third Reich, 1933–45
  • German Democratic Republic (GDR), 1949–90
  • Federal Republic of Germany, 1949–present

Events and Terms


Political parties

  • Weimar: KPD, USPD, SPD, DDP, Center, DVP, DNVP, NSDAP
  • Third Reich: NSDAP
  • East Germany: SED (Socialist Unity Party), which became PDS after fall of Berlin Wall
  • (there were also powerless liberal and Christian Democratic parties)
  • West Germany: SPD, FDP, CDU, CSU
  • later also: Greens, The Left (Die Linke, formerly PDS from East Germany), AfD (Alternative for Germany)

Updated: December 8, 2018