Submitting your journal for review—midsemester

Hist 314 > Assignments > Submitting Journal Midsemester

You will submit a copy of your journal for review in the middle and at the end of the semester, specifically,

  • on March 21 at the beginning of class, and
  • on May 2 by the beginning of class.

Here is how to do that midsemester:

1. Make a copy of your journal

  • If you are keeping a journal on your computer, make a copy of the file clearly labeled with your name and the date.
  • If you are using paper, you will also need to make a copy for me. I would prefer that you scan the journal (or use a scan app with your phone’s camera) and share that file with me electronically, but I will accept a paper copy, if scanning proves too difficult or time-consuming.

2. Mark up this copy of your journal and summarize results in an email

Using a different color than in the journal itself, mark up your journal and summarize the results in an email according to the following criteria:

  • What have been the most important recurring themes in your journal? Briefly summarize three to five of these in an email to me (numbering each theme) and mark examples of these themes in the journal entries themselves (with the numbers you assigned them in your email).
  • Mark five places in your journal with a star or asterisk (or highlighting…) that show different ways in which you have been learning. For example: Where were summarizing the material? Where did you reflect more deeply on the subject matter? Where were you confused? Where did you ask good questions? Where did you make connections with knowledge from other classes? Explain your choices in your email.
  • Given your experience with German history so far, what do you think we should be covering in the second half of the course? Why? Include 3 to 5 topics in your email too.

3. Submit marked up journal and email

  • If submitting a Word file, send it as an attachment as you normally would.
  • If you are submitting a scan, it will likely be too big for email. Instead, upload your big PDF file to Dropbox or a similar service and then share the file with me via a link—and remember to include that link in the email you send me.
  • If you submit a photocopy, please make sure it is labeled, stapled, etc. And don’t forget to still send me that email.