Plan for Remaining Weeks of Course

April 11, 2017

I am adjusting the final weeks of the course in several ways to reflect present realities and make it possible for you all to do good work:

  1. I will still assign some readings in the coming weeks, but these will be short, directed towards helping you with your bibliography projects.
  2. You must still journal. Make sure to include talk of your research efforts. Don’t use the journal for notes (or at least not just for notes). Instead write whole sentences and paragraphs about what you have done, why, what you know, what you still need to find out, etc. The point is to reflect on your own learning and use that to make further progress. (General rule of thumb, if you need one: at least one page of reflections per week—perhaps one page twice a week. Of course, there is no upper limit.)
  3. Please send me a version of your current bibliography before class next week (one email per group, copying the other members). Doing so will help me better advise you.
  4. I will ask people about their projects in class more than once. This is not to put you on the spot, but to foster our mutual learning. Please take—and ask—questions in that spirit.
  5. I plan to base the final exam on primary sources that are related to your bibliography projects. This approach will make it possible for you to extend your bibliography learning in meaningful ways.
  6. The final exam is NOT a group project, of course, but everyone in the project will get the same question(s) to answer individually.
  7. The final exam essay will be a little shorter than announced, i.e., 5–7 pages.
  8. With this exam in mind, we will look at some primary sources in class too.

Key dates

  • The bibliography project is still due on Friday, May 5, 10:00 pm.
  • You can submit your journals as late as this too (instead of May 2, as in the syllabus).
  • The take-home final exam is due at the end of the exam period assigned by the registrar, i.e., on Tuesday, May 16, 10:00 pm. (I will post this assignment one week earlier. And I will return your bibliography projects by May 14.)