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Here are the announcements I made before switching over to Twitter.

February 7, 2017
– Given the themes in today’s lecture, not to mention contemporary debates about immigration, the following short piece by a historian of immigration appears quite relevant (and yes, immigration and refugees will be part of our German story too): “Today’s Banned Immigrants Are No Different From Our Immigrant Ancestors,” by Tyler Anbinder, AHA Today, February 7, 2017

February 6, 2017 (p.m.)
– You might find the basic timeline I just posted useful. It can help you keep track of which version of Germany you are in, although it neglects Austria.
– If you have not yet read the journaling guidelines, please do.

February 6, 2017
– I have added a link above to a new, password-protected page called additional files. I will post materials on it that I can share with the class—but not with the whole world—under fair use doctrine. See your email for a password.
– I have posted a German pronunciation guide there for those interested.
– Finally, here is some for thought (strongly recommended): “A sense of history: some components, by Gerald W. Schlabach”

February 1, 2017: Names, Selfies, Missed Class
– If you have not yet sent me a simple selfie to help me put together names and faces, please do, if you are willing.
– Thank you to those who have. (And you can give me a hard time next week if I don’t know your name, since I won’t have any excuse.)
– If you missed class, please make sure you ask a fellow student about what happened. This goes for all our classes.

January 31, 2017: Office Hours
– Given my limited time on campus, face-to-face meetings must normally be by appointment on Tuesday, late afternoon. If you see me drinking a coffee or something in the JC on Tursdays, feel free to ask if I’ve got time to talk.
– It is also possible to meet with me in Washington, DC, at the GHI (near Dupont Circle), but this must be by appointment.
– You can email me anytime and expect a response within a day.
– You can tweet me @mstoneman @DrStonemanGMU. Please make clear who you are, if you are using a pseudonym.
– For a text, voice, or video conversation, please email me your contact details and availability (give me several timeframes within the coming week).

Featured image: Front page of the left-liberal Freisinnige Zeitung, June 1, 1892. The headline reads, “Down with anti-Semitism!” Source: Wikimedia Commons.