Midterm Essay

Write an analytic essay on one of the following questions using class readings and notes. Primary sources are not required for this essay, although you might find it both helpful and fun to analyze relevant documents (and perhaps images) that you find on GHDI.

The Questions

  1. Discuss France’s role in the history of modern Germany, that is, from the Napoleonic Wars to the European Union.
  2. Analyze the varieties of nationalism and the roles it played in German history from the beginning of the nineteenth century until the end of the twentieth.
  3. Discuss the roles of religious identities and of anti-Semitism in the history of German nationalism(s) and self-understanding(s) over the past two centuries.
  4. Trace the roles of universal suffrage in German history, including as a goal, as a thing feared and loathed, and as a concrete reality. Remember to consider the parts played by different historical events, political ideologies, and constitutional regimes in this history.
  5. Analyze Austria’s role in the history of modern Germany, from the prehistory to Germany’s formation as a nation-state until Germany’s defeat in World War II.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • This is a midterm exam, so you may not discuss or otherwise share your essay with classmates before you submit it. On the other hand, you are welcome to discuss what the questions mean as well as join forces to help identify relevant aspects of the history and/or relevant documents.
  • Length: five-to-seven-pages long (as per the syllabus), using. Use double-spacing, one-inch margins, and a twelve-point Times New Roman font (or a close equivalent of this font).
  • Citations: I know which textbook you are using, so strict citations from it are not necessary, unless you are quoting from it. If you quote from it, a simple page number in parentheses will work. If you reference an image, include that number too. You can also include page numbers if you want me to know exactly what part of the text you are using, even if you are not quoting from it. If you draw on sources from GHDI, please use a footnote or endnote that provides the author, the name of the document, GHDI, and a link. (You can skip those parts of this information that you provide in the essay itself, such as perhaps author and/or document title, which you might need to name in the essay anyway.)
  • Submission: Email me the text as a Word document, and look for a reply from me acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive an answer from me, I did not get your essay and it is your responsibility to follow up before the essay is due.
  • Deadline: Friday, March 10, at 10:00 pm. As long as you attend class on March 7; however, you may submit your essay by March 11 at 1:00 pm.