Courses at George Mason University

Hist 100: Western Civilization

Hist 314: History of Germany in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Hist 388: Approaches to European Military History

Hist 388: The Great War

Hist 499: Gender and Class in Modern Europe

Hist 606: Themes in European History II

Hist 635: Germany in the Age of Extremes

Hist 635: War and Society in Modern Europe

Courses at Georgetown University

Hist 033: Themes in European Civilization I

Hist 034: Themes in European Civilization II

Hist 332: War and Society in Modern Europe

GHI Archival Summer Seminar in Germany

2013 Seminar Report

2014 Seminar Report

English to Speakers of Other Languages

I have some twenty years of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages in Germany and the United States.