History and the Packaged Gnocchi

One evening after work recently, I was half-starved and wanted something I could cook quickly. I saw some packaged gnocchi in the cupboard, made by De Cecco, which I thought would fit the bill, until I started reading the directions. Unfortunately, these were quite long, and they mentioned all kinds of ingredients not in the package, so I gave up. I didn’t want a detailed recipe. I just wanted to know how to cook the gnocchi. A few days later, while editing an English translation of a book about Italians and food in the modern era, I learned something that made me go back to the gnocchi.1

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Here are the more substantial publications I have edited for the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC.

I accompany most of the book manuscripts from their initial submission for peer review (or the initial monograph translation proposal) to the final page proofs.

In the case of articles for outside publications, my involvement ranges from basic copy-editing to serving as a writing tutor for non-native speakers to repairing a faulty translation, and many activities in-between. I sometimes also translate work from German into English myself. Continue reading “Editing”

Book Review: GDR and Consumption

I recently reviewed an interesting anthropological study by
Milena Veenis entitled Material Fantasies: Expectations of the Western Consumer World among East Germans (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press in cooperation
with the Foundation for the History of Technology, 2012) for the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis (Journal of Social and Economic History). The two-page review is in English and is openly available on the web at http://www.tseg.nl/2012-4/recensies.pdf. (Scroll to p. 93).