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    @Miraz I love that I get to hear that in New Hamphire. Thank you!

  • @pratik Not that easy for many, especially when so many employers, including the feds, have gone this route.

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    @sarahshotts I like how you have arranged and conceived your site. In particular, I like the subtitle of your Artist's Log section. I was reading about digital gardens today and thinking about how that relates to diverse blogging habits. I have a "commonplacing" category on my site, but I love the image of both "commonplacing" and "curiosity cabinet" in the same space for your materials.

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    @manton The lighting works really well with the feeling you describe.

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    @Miraz For me it happens sometimes with footnotes or elements that should be clickable that aren't. But readabilty is great. And the old Paperwhite I have is really, really old, and still works.

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    @kaa Yeah, I prolly shoud do the same.