Blogging to Keep that Writing Muscle Fit

…The iterative practice of regular blogging has its own set of joys. For me, writing begets writing. The blog doesn’t distract from my formal academic or scholarly work. It feeds it. It becomes a form of discipline, like doing sit-ups every morning, a practice I long ago abandoned. My abdominal muscles are flabby, but when I sit down to write, whatever the context, I feel strong.

David Perry, “3 Rules of Academic Blogging,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 11, 2015


With any luck at all, the best teachers . . . are the ones who aren’t done learning how to teach.

Elizabeth Lehfeldt, “What’s in a Name?,” Tales Told out of School, February 13, 2017

Feels Like…

“Being a historian right now feels like being kept awake through brain surgery.”
Elizabeth Catte on Twitter, January 28, 2017