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    The Republican Party’s divorce from the rule of law is complete.

    – Aaron Blake, Washington Post


    Many conservatives and liberals share an ableist worldview that says getting COVID is now a matter of individual responsibility. Entering society to earn a living, visiting loved ones, buying food, and seeing the doctor are all optional activities, our free choice. We can choose to move about a society that couldn’t care less if we live or die, as long as we do so quietly, without complaint, or we can choose to wilt and die alone.

    The press conference this afternoon reminds me of what a disaster we averted by showing the orange blob the door after one term. I get frustrated by the slow pace of our response to the invasion (and the horrible laissez-faire federal response to the pandemic nowadays), but oh how much worse this could have been. Meanwhile, I am grateful for the example Ukrainians are providing us, shining light through the cold winter darkness. Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

    Brute Force

    Justitia Again

    The following cartoon and comment, which I posted on February 5, 2017, did not age well.

    Justice, a blindfolded woman, holds the scales of justice in one hand and holds back Trump with the other. Trump is trying to attack Lady Liberty,  but Justice says to her sister, “I’ve got this.

    After the latest Spiegel cover and all the news it embodies, this cartoon by Sam Machado feels really good, particularly with its use of gender against the U.S. chauvinist-in-chief.

    In case you missed it, this report from July 5, 2022, sums up all the damage: “The U.S. Supreme Court term in review.”

    We Are the Problem

    We blame the virus for
    the disastrous condition
    of our schools
    the catastrophic state
    of our hospitals
    the ruinous structure
    of our workplaces
    the collapsing authority
    of our institutions
    so we need not acknowledge
    the virus is not cause
    but revealer
    of our society’s frailty.

    American Sociopathy

    In the United States in the year 2021, you, as an American citizen, do not necessarily have the right to vote.

    You do not necessarily have the right to teach or to learn about matters of race, gender or anything else state lawmakers consider “divisive concepts.”

    But you do have one absolute, sacrosanct, inviolate, God-given, self-evident and inalienable right: the right to refuse a coronavirus vaccine — and to infect as many people as you can.

    Dana Milbank, Washington Post

    Leadership Failure

    . . . As senators and House members trapped inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday begged for immediate help during the siege, they struggled to get through to the president, who—safely ensconced in the West Wing—was too busy watching fiery television images of the crisis that was unfolding around them to act or even bother to hear their cries for help.

    “Six Hours of Paralysis" (Washington Post)”

    Looking forward to a more productive week in quarantine now that martial law and the end of our democracy appear to be off the table for the time being.


    The disturbing emergency alert sound from my phone (for DC’s 4th curfew night) makes me think of an air raid siren. The blaring is an apt metaphor for this presidency.

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