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    Digital Gardens #SharedNotes/2024-06-11

    New post format: notes written only for myself, but perhaps of interest to others. Will file under a new notes category for now, while also using the blog’s other relevant categories.

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    The IndieWeb approach is about owning your own content. Making over one’s web presence in such terms might also be about fashioning a whole self in the face of the fracturing that corporate siloes and algorithms incentivize and create. That’s too much to ask of a little blog, I know, but I’m noticing how the IndieWeb perspective is helping me feel better about my online life in the present moment.

    Was just feeling good about the new iteration of my site, but then apparent server issues on (host) and Knowledge Commons (where a few linked-to files live) appear. I’m trying to be patient. I really want this IndieWeb solution to work for my life on the web.