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    Digital Gardens #SharedNotes/2024-06-11

    New post format: notes written only for myself, but perhaps of interest to others. Will file under a new notes category for now, while also using the blog’s other relevant categories.

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    Was just feeling good about the new iteration of my site, but then apparent server issues on (host) and Knowledge Commons (where a few linked-to files live) appear. I’m trying to be patient. I really want this IndieWeb solution to work for my life on the web.

    Comments Back On (Tentatively)

    I activated a second feature on my site that I had turned off years ago while still on WordPress: Comments. They had become more trouble than they were worth, and there was always the once useful bird site, where real conversations could transpire. But those were different times.

    In a moment of optimism, I have chosen to believe that the sign-in requirement with Mastodon, BluSky, or will reduce potential friction for me because I’ve encountered a lot less of it on these federating platforms. But time will tell. Right now, I can unmark a problematic comment so it doesn’t appear, but only after the comment is initially posted. (The developer behind is considering making prior-approval an option.) I also have the usual mute, block, and report options.

    Next step: seeing what happens—and what I might still need to do—if I get any responses from other sites via webmention. I’m definitely enjoying what the IndieWeb community makes possible, but I wish its tools and documentation were more accessible to non-programming folk. I can deal with modern HTML and CSS, but that’s as far as it goes.

    I still need to work on the styling (colors, fonts, etc.) of this version of my website, but I’m becoming satisfied with it’s basic organization and functionality.

    Whenever I finish fixing one thing on my site, a new issue arises. Still, if I tell my perfectionist self to get over it, I can have a good weekend, holiday traffic be damned.

    This is just a test post from (MacOS and iOS) to, which will then crosspost to Mastodon and Bluesky. Later, I will hit a button to crosspost to Threads, assuming I’m logged into the latter. (Threads still doesn’t have a public API.)

    Cleaning up my blog posts, which I’ve moved to, reveals just how much extra unnecessary garbage markup has dumped into my posts. Yikes! Still lots more to go. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my domain to point to the new site, and I’m trying to figure out how to place my blog on a custom page, among many other things. There’s a learning curve with the new system, but I’m getting there.

    I am migrating my website from to in order to simplify its maintenance, reduce costs, and streamline my online communication. Please pardon my many hiccups during this transition.

    Wordpress no longer supported the blog theme I was using, so I decided to start from scratch with a minimalist block theme (Livro) that allows full site editing. I’ve got most of the kinks ironed out now, though it still needs tweaking on mobile phones, in particular. More news and content will follow soon.

    WordPress Email

    My apologies if you tried to contact me earlier via WordPress's email form. Your message never reached my inbox.

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