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    Creepy noises outside: Sounded like a life-and-death struggle between two small creatures in the woods, but maybe they each got away in one piece.

    Note Sharing #SharedNotes/2024-06-12

    I am doing this note sharing from Bear (iPad and Mac mostly) using the above hashtags. On Bear, these serve an organizational purpose. On my website, they help signal that these posts are different from the others.

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    Small Image Galleries #SharedNotes/2024-06-12

    I’ve had no luck with the plugins on offer at, so I have set up two- and three-column flex boxes that become single columns on small screens.

    Set up snippets for the HTML in Drafts and wherever else you find convenient. Write the post itself in Markdown, unless you have other CSS classes to apply.

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    Was in the dentist’s chair for two hours today. (One procedure became another, the second done by an extern.) I don’t want to use my mouth, but I haven’t eaten in twelve hours. Gotta cook something soft.

    Digital Gardens #SharedNotes/2024-06-11

    New post format: notes written only for myself, but perhaps of interest to others. Will file under a new notes category for now, while also using the blog’s other relevant categories.

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    View as detailed in long caption The clouds were changing shape and color, getting very dark in one part of the sky while the sun was playing with white clouds and a blue sky in other parts. The photo only hints at the dynamism, but my eyes were on the road, and I only had a brief moment without any cars near mine.

    The IndieWeb approach is about owning your own content. Making over one’s web presence in such terms might also be about fashioning a whole self in the face of the fracturing that corporate siloes and algorithms incentivize and create. That’s too much to ask of a little blog, I know, but I’m noticing how the IndieWeb perspective is helping me feel better about my online life in the present moment.

    (2/2) In any case, the site is humming along. And’s IndieWeb features are already making it easier to move about and socialize in other spaces without thinking about what to post.

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