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“Christmas collection of the Bavarian Red Cross for our men in field gray” reads the caption of this Red Cross poster from Germany during the Great War. The angelic Christkind it features shines bright yellow in the dark Christmas night as she delivers parcels wrapped in field grey to men on the front. Stars twinkle above her, and there is snow underfoot. To her left is a sled heavy with more parcels, and to her right is a dependable, mustached soldier, pipe in mouth, a freshly delivered parcel in his hands.

The poster appears to have been published in 1917. A photograph taken in Louisville, Kentucky, the same year shows a similar effort by the American Red Cross: women preparing Christmas parcels for American soldiers.

Image source: “Weichnachts-Sammlung des bayerischen Roten Kreuzes für die Feldgrauen,” wartime poster by Walter Püttner (Munich: Fritz Maison, [1917]), via Library of Congress,