Hist 499-003: Gender and Class in Modern Europe (Course Description)

Here is a description of the undergraduate seminar I am teaching this fall:

This senior seminar will explore the manifold and complex roles of gender and class in European history from the French Revolution through the Cold War. The specific problems it addresses will be informed by student research interests in connection with the following broad questions: How did Europeans experience and understand gender and class in the past? How and why did their experiences and discourses change over time? How did broader economic, political, and cultural changes shape these developments? And vice versa? How do historians understand, research, and write about gender and class? What can gender and class contribute to our broader understanding of European history? The course will begin with a common set of readings and then focus on individual research projects, which students will pursue in consultation with their classmates and instructor.

I’ll add the required books this month, in time for the university bookstore’s deadline I have now also posted the required books (March 7), but the syllabus (with assigned articles and the writing and presentation schedule) will take longer.

March 15, 2012 Update: According to PatriotWeb, this course is section 5, not section 3. There it is listed thus: “Gender & Class in Mod Europe – 79594 – HIST 499 – 005″.


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